12 simple habits of slim and beautiful people


12 простых привычек стройных и красивых людейHere the habits of slim people who should adopt.

A full people wanting to lose weight, make similar mistakes: they continue to lead the same lifestyle you had when remained slim.

While your body has changed, all you need is just to acquire the habits of slim people.

Watch your slim friends – what are their habits, what tastes and preferences in food? Because their principles – acquired or congenital – including make it nearly impossible to gain weight. That is what we need to know the rules weight loss was not another diet, after which you are again gaining some kilogrammchik, but in order to become part of your life. Nutritionists have talked about the basic habits of skinny women. Their opinion cites says “Browser”.

Slim people eat when hungry
Slim, we think, “by nature” people do not have the habit of “seizing” their sadness or to reward yourself with candy or any other “sweets” for success. Food for them is a way to satisfy his hunger. To dispel boredom, to relieve irritation, not to raise with sweets breakdown, but only to satisfy his hunger. And it should be done in French with pleasure.

Slim people enjoy food
Those who are suffering from excess weight often shy to eat people. They have two extremes: they either take the maximum dietary food with the feeling of a Martyr going to the scaffold, or fall into the other extreme and with a cry, “but how much of that life!” – eat everything that forbade myself for weeks, with desperate determination of a soldier going to the last battle. Thus, clearly, overboard remains the same “Golden mean” – a balanced diet, and healthy and tasty at the same time, an important rule – the food should bring pleasure. Food should not be a “snack on the run.” Take the time to not only to put in the right amount of calories, vitamins and nutrients. On the contrary – find time for yourself to enjoy the elegantly set table, take out your favorite set, gathering dust in the cupboard in anticipation of the holiday. Enjoy the flavor in every bite, its color, texture, flavor. Food will start to bring more fun and at the same time you’ll need much smaller amounts of servings for saturation.

Slim people do not replace the joy of food
At first glance, this rule contradicts the previous one. Not at all. Yes, of course, the food should be pleasure. But not the only one in my life. Admiring the beauty of nature, which is practiced by the Japanese, getting the “muscle of joy” from sports, joy, who was so admired by Maupassant, calling it a real luxury. Watching a movie, reading a book, taking a bath with candles and aromatherapy oils, walk in nature, communication with animals – in the world many are quite affordable for any pocket pleasures that brings joy, not just food. Should not be a substitute for all these many fun trivial filling of the stomach, learn to pamper yourself using the opportunities that gives us life.

Slim people eat only what they want
Even if it’s against your diet. The statement, by saying that “to lose weight you need to eat everything you love” is fundamentally wrong. In addition to depression, you do not earn. Of course, in reasonable limits – that is, if you have diabetes, should not eat lots of candy, washing them down with sweet soda. Look for those products that are not only useful but also delicious. Do not force yourself, force pushing you hated yogurt, Apple or a salad of carrots, only because it’s allegedly useful – good body will not do. Moreover, it is better to eat a small piece of cake (of course, in the first half of the day) than the whole day to cram hated steamed asparagus with boiled fish, and eventually to overeat, but still not receive from this pleasure.

Slim people are not afraid of food
Given the above, it is logical that slender man does not divide the food into allowed and forbidden. They eat delicious food. If you think that all delicious food is banned, try the following exercise: make a list of all the products that you like and usually eat. Split list by groups – beneficial and harmful foods and dishes. You will be surprised how much useful products will be in this list, and how small the percentage will be truly harmful for the body dishes. From this point try to eat your favourite product from the group useful and the second not dispose and, of course, don’t overuse them, and sometimes just eat in the form of pleasant exceptions, 1-2 times a week.

Slim people know how to listen to your body
Slim people don’t really love junk food. They just don’t like it because it triggers their intuition, and they know how to listen to it.

Overly greasy, overly sweet, saturated with carbohydrates and protein food is not physiologic. These products may not be the basis of the diet not only slim, but also healthy person, but only as an addition to it, a rare exception to the rule. If you will be able to listen to yourself, your body will be able to tell you about it. Our body itself is able fairly quickly to signal that something is wrong. It sends signals not just overweight – they are given to back pain and joint pain, heartburn, problems with bowels and other ailments that make us easier to dismiss painkillers, not caring about the consequences. If you will be able to hear the entreaties of your body, your diet will change, not waiting for a trip to the gastroenterologist.

Slim people eat small portions
Large portions in the look so thin just don’t fit, because they don’t have the habit to overeat, and their stomach is not distended. What to do if it already happened, especially after a few festive feasts in a row? In order to reduce the portions happened to be painless, to reduce the amount eaten should gradually reducing the size of the plates, laying on her chops, not three, but only two. And so – until then, until you learn enough of the small portions. This will help you point in which we are told how to enjoy food – it should be a nice, deliciously cooked, and the table is beautifully set. Act not abruptly, but slowly, methodically, forcing yourself. Comes not from a desire to be a hero but out of a desire to make yourself and your body nice and good.

Slim people eat often
This rule flows logically from the previous one. If the volume of your stomach is reduced, you will not be able to eat much at one sitting, and rather quickly you get hungry. If you will satisfy your hunger as for its appearance, not by the hour, it automatically appears a healthy diet involving the notorious rule is small portions, but often – 4-5 times a day. The rule that so long we are trying to explain to nutritionists and which we so often break.

Slim people don’t eat after saturation
Because they do not have the goal of abstinence from food, nor do not try to eat for the future. They do not need. Why eat up all that lies on the plate, because they will be there tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. They have no need to eat a whole chocolate bar, while feeling a burning shame to himself, to swear that it was the last chocolate bar this year, and here it is now a no-no. Forever. At least another year. Well, a month. Well, a week.

Thin people do not think so. They can eat 2-3 squares of a chocolate bar, and wait until, until they again don’t want chocolate. By the way, as soon as you stop yourself to deny, then not only will start eating it less often, but you will understand that it is so cloyingly sweet that more than 3-4 pieces to eat it is simply impossible, and after eating I want to brush my teeth.

Slim people eat diverse
In the already mentioned simple reason: the food is monotonous is boring and not very pleasant. It is better to eat several different flavors, than one large bowl one product. Try different new foods and enrich your culinary preferences with new dishes and flavors that make eating fun and interesting.

Slim people don’t do calorie counting
They don’t care how many calories is contained in each eaten a piece, they do not feel guilt over eaten. Thin people eat based on their hunger and taste preferences.

Slim people are not afraid to say “no”
They won’t eat out of politeness, not afraid to offend someone by refusing. If man is not hungry, he is fed, do not try to push him another portion Olivier, and politeness is irrelevant. If someone is so imperative that you try his culinary masterpiece, let me pack a portion of himself. You don’t have to have only in order not to offend the hosts, and the hosts table must not insist – you never know who has what problems in the body. In the end, the person may simply not want to eat? Don’t be afraid to say “no” to another serving. Matter how politely it is not offered, and you should not feel a sense of guilt for your failure to do something by force is bad for your health, both psychological and physical.

Learn to get pleasure from food, love yourself, but do not indulge yourself, follow these simple rules of slim people, and your new habits will pleasantly affect your figure.


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