12 minutes of gameplay HUNT: Showdown


12 минут геймплея HUNT: ShowdownMultiplayer HUNT: Showdown combines elements of Monster Hunter and PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds.

Sharing multiple editions of video diaries, the company Crytek has enabled the staff of IGN to look directly at the gameplay of the multiplayer HUNT: Showdown, combining elements of Monster Hunter and PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds.

In the movie for twelve minutes under comments creative Director of the project Labrant Magnus (Magnus Larbrant) can be considered typical round HUNT: Showdown. And this time in daylight.

Recall that the developers there are two main components of the game: the first mission is to hunt down and kill the monster, the second is to stay alive, not allowing other players to take your booty and life. In the video from IGN you can see how the two components intersect, when one group decides to wait, while competitors from the other team will do their job for them and beat the boss. And all this time they do not leave a sense of uncertainty and tension.

Please note that HUNT: Showdown still at an early stage of production, therefore demonstrating the gameplay is not without technical problems.


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