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At BlizzCon 2019 visitors can play Diablo 4 on the test stand.

The players had limited time, so to fully appreciate the world and the innovations are unlikely to succeed. Now, the web introduced a new gameplay for the barbarian and the sorceress.

Game Informer has posted two videos with the gameplay of Diablo 4. In the first clip showed Barbara and the second sorceress. In the “demo” is available only in a couple of guises, but the developers promise a full customization of appearance in the final version.

To make the character unique and runes will help with which players can create different “builds”. Gear in Diablo 4 will get a room with extra effects. For example, if a character is drinking a healing potion, the rune activates and increases the chance of critical hits by 50%.

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In the video with the sorceress showed gameplay public event Tolling Bells, where the player needs to destroy the bell that calls the monsters. World Diablo 4 will be open and filled with a variety of activities. Even at BlizzCon 2019 gamers showed a public event killing the boss, which was attended by many players. Companions will meet around the world, including in the dungeons.


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