10 easy French films for all occasions


“Amelie”.Photo: still from the film

A dramatic love story, a detective story or a light romantic Comedy — no matter what genre did not take off French filmmakers — all these movies have one thing in common… a Secret meaning, a hidden subtext, which after watching the film, will long haunt your consciousness.


Touching and humane story about friendship chained to a chair of a wealthy aristocrat and soon released from prison inhabitants of city suburbs conquered the hearts of the audience. Tape Olivier Nakash and Eric Toledano full of optimism and belief that life is a good thing under any circumstances.

“The dreamers”

Cult film Director Bernardo Bertolucci about free love three teenagers became one of the biggest hits zero. Today reviewing the tape, still surprised at the courage of the entire crew of the project.


Two hours on screen Amelie lives in a fairy tale, walking around the Montmartre and in the end finds love. French cliché that is so loved by the foreigners.

“He and she”

A story of love and hatred with a length of 45 years. The widow of the famous writer Victor Adelman talks about their marriage from a bad experience to married life and old age. The film will make you cry and laugh, to rent an apartment somewhere on the left Bank of the Seine and travel back in time in the 1970s.

“99 francs”

Octave — promotional genius. It decides what you want tomorrow. He works at a major advertising Agency. He’s rich, surrounded by gorgeous women, his life – alcohol-drug adventure, which, however, does not always brings him happiness.


The young aspiring chef eager to change centuries-old traditions. But to reach the heights of culinary excellence, they first need to be convinced that new is not always bad, star chief representative classics in the performance of Jean Reno.

“Paris, I love you.”

“Paris, I love you”, perhaps, safely be called one of the most popular movie of our time on the city of lovers – Paris. Start with the fact that the tape consists of several short films, or rather, it’s a whole anthology of 18 stories through the eyes of filmmakers from around the world – Paris is for everybody…

“Love on fingertips”

The film tells about the fact that in 1958 every American woman dreamed of only one thing – to be a Secretary in a large firm. The main character, played by Deborah Francois, carries out its main desire. In addition, it is possible to achieve truly great success – the speed of her typing is so fast that it is preparing to take part in the competition for typing.

“Simply together”

The main characters, played by Audrey Tautou and Guillaume Canet, initially even could not imagine that could feel each other any feelings other than hostility and anger, which, however, was later replaced by a strong and mutual attachment. The simple truth is may be the “just together” is sometimes the best that can offer us life.

“On the other side of the bed”

The couple after years of marriage you get tired not only from each other but from routine, which day by day becomes their daily lives. To save the marriage, they decided on a rather desperate move, to change places. Now the wife goes to work, her husband, associated with the construction business, and the husband does the housework and works instead of his wife in a jewelry store. Will such a big change in life to return the extinct feelings?

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