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Police raided Andrey Berezin’s Euroinvest headquarters in connection with money laundering charges

Euroinvest offices were raided by the Russian authorities. Saint-Petersburg headquarters of a leading regional development corporation Euroinvest were raided in a course of investigation...






Top mistakes to avoid when buying a kurti

Are you looking to purchase a kurti? The popular choice of attire remains a very...

Discover the Secrets of Budapest and Create Wonderful Memories

Hungary is one of the beautiful countries in Europe and many tourists like to visit...


In Tatarstan fish everywhere

We immediately see that the coming of the roads have puddles occupied by "dummies". They...

May fishing in the suburbs very emotional

The fishermen long waited for a good bite for carp, and he came. The results...

Pick up the hook under the bait

The explanation is very simple. Angler catches mainly or any particular fish, e.g., bream, on...

Vimba river Kudepsta

The water is very clean and transparent with a bluish-turquoise hue. You can catch literally...

For pike, after spawning

More interesting: what bait can now be efficient? Of course, not something quite so specific...


Guardians of the sky

The airspace is not so boundless as it seems. Every year the number of air...

Khibiny diary

On Board there were only ten passengers. And no wonder: in the midst of the...

To produce oyster mushroom

I still reached for the grey ear mushroom, broke it off, put it in a...

Klishevskiy key

On the trail, which ran in the key deer from the lower reaches of the...

First love

In a man's life there are events that forever remain in the memory: first love,...

Arms and Weapon



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Democrats throw new evidence to charges against Trump

Democrats in the US House of Representatives have announced on Tuesday that they will add new evidence to the official indictments against US President Donald Trump before sending them to the Senate. The House...

Top mistakes to avoid when buying a kurti

Are you looking to purchase a kurti? The popular choice of attire remains a very attractive option for many people. But buying a kurti off the rack or from your favorite online retailer is...